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University lecturer, programmer, and website developer
IELTS Trainer

On this website, you will find my educational background, career, and resume in the fields of English language and computer programming.


Work experiences

Extensive activities such as teaching and researching in various universities in the fieelds of computer engineering, web programming, design, and implementation.

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Teaching in State and Azad Universities

Teaching in colleges

Teaching in Universities of Applied Science

Teaching in Technical & Vocational Institues

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IELTS training

Determining the level of the IELTS course

Intensive speaking course

Intensive writing course

Reading and Listening tips and triks

هدی نیک نهاد

Web Deisiging

Advanced web programming courses

Advanced CSS and PHP courses

Website design from scratch to a complete

MATLAB and C# programming

Academic and entrepreneurship counseling

Computer courses are in the following sections:

  1. Website design and programming
  2. Computer networks
  3. Computer graphics, 3D Max, and Photoshop software
  4. MATLAB and C# programming
  5. English language, IELTS advanced course

Counseling in the field of English

To get more information about IELTS Writing and Speaking training courses, contact me by email, Telegram group, Message(SMS) or WhatsApp number.
Enrollment in courses and trainings is at different levels, and determination of the free specialized English level is done.

Voluntary work:

Free correction of writing and speaking skills in the Telegram group


Prof. Niknahad, vice chancellor of education at Kowsar University and head of the computer department, has been responsible for extensive activities in the field of teaching and research at various universities in the computer engineering discipline, supervising more than one hundred final projects of undergraduate students, and being a member of the jury for the master’s students’ defense session.

Prof. R. Alimardani


I am BentolhodaNiknahad, a graduate of Shiraz University with a master’s degree in computer software. I have taught at universities since 2012 and taught computer courses such as computer programming, computer networks, website design, etc., as well as English language courses. In these years, I have had these career positions: faculty member, vice chancellor in education, head of the computer department, and…

We started programming and designing the website at the same time as the establishment of H&T Group in 2013, and we have designed and supported several commercial, store, educational, and personal websites. Some of the examples of our completed projects are on the Project page, which is available on this website.

The English language has been one of my interests during my university studies. So far, I have succeeded in obtaining the ILI Senior Degree and the IELTS Academic Degree. Currently, in addition to teaching at the university and being a freelancer, I am also conducting the online advanced course of the IELTS exam in speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills.

Voluntary work: free correction of writing and speaking skills in the Telegram group.

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